AppSumo Deals: Best Lifetime Deals of January 2019


AppSumo Deals: For any online business to develop they require some online tools and software to develop worldwide. For such a case, buying software is very expensive. To make the solution, AppSumo comes with new deals on various important tools every week.

AppSumo is the place where one can buy the software tools at a low price which will be lifetime access of the tool. It contains both good and bad reviews of the software or tool. Only the buyers should be aware of it. AppSumo helps all people who do freelancing, Blogging and for Entrepreneurs by providing useful tools in deals to develop their business.

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AppSumo Deals

Lifetime Deals January 2019

The following are the tools and software which are in deals in AppSumo on January 2019. It is very useful for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs.


One Get better, faster SEO data with optimized keyword rank tracking with AccuRanker. This software suits best for Anyone who wants better SEM and SEO data. Thsi helps to See fresh and accurate site data on a user-friendly interface, find out what your site needs to climb the rankings, manage multiple domains, automate reports, and integrate with other important tools. The actual price of AccuRanker is $948! But AppSumo offers it in a lifetime deal for just $39.

Buy AppSumo Accuranker for $39!

AppSumo AccuRanker


ActiveChat helps Build your own chatbot without years of programming knowledge. This suits best for Customer support, small businesses, and e-commerce shop owners. The normal price of ActiveChat is $1188!.But AppSumo offers it in deal for just $49 which is a lifetime access.

Get AppSumo ActiveChat Lifetime Deal for just $49!


Covve Strengthen your business relationships with a state-of-the-art contact app. This suits best for Maintaining and creating professional relationships. Get breaking news affecting your contacts from an AI-powered News Engine, upload contacts with a simple business card scan, categorize and tag contacts, and get automatic reminders to follow up, and build your network by leveraging current contacts.

Normal Price: $180

AppSumo Price: $29 Lifetime Access

Buy Covve in Lifetime Deal for just $29!

Visual Inspector

Visual Inspector is a User-friendly web design edits in just a few clicks. It suits best for Anyone looking to speed up the website design feedback process. It Makes copy and design edits to any live website, communicate with clients or team members about changes, and quickly export the CSS of your edits with just a click.

Normal Price: $1416!

AppSumo Price: $49/- Lifetime Access

Get AppSumo Visual Inspector for Just $49!

One can Build, track, and manage UTM links like never before with This tool is best for Build, track, and manage UTM links like never before with Use UTM templates and a bulk builder to save time and eliminate mistakes, make better marketing decisions and improve ROI with cleaner data, and be more efficient thanks to an industry-leading Chrome extension.

Normal Price: $588/-

AppSumo Price: $49/- Lifetime Access

Get AppSumo Lifetime Deal for Just $49!

AppSumo UTM


Shorby is the tool Supercharge your Instagram bio with links, messengers, and tracking. It is best for Instagram influencers, bloggers, anyone looking to maximize their IG bio link. It is used for IG bio link to drive traffic to content, stores, and social profiles, track all clicks with pixels so you can get high-quality data for retargeting and advertising, and increase conversions by customizing button shapes, text, and colors.

Normal Price: $108/-

AppSumo Price: $29/- Lifetime Access


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