Appsumo Lifetime Deal SalesRobot for $69!

SalesRobot is a automation platform that helps to generate more leads via LinkedIn and email. Personally mailing to all your prospects is not an easy task and you are bound to get ghosted by most of the prospects.  SalesRobot

SalesRobot automate message sequences, bypass LinkedIn message limits, use AI to personalize messages. The automated tool can be used alternative to Lemlist, and Octopus. It is best suitable for Sales Managers, Marketing Agencies and Small Business Operators.

Buy Appsumo lifetime deal SalesRobot for $69

The automation tool SalesRobot, helps to launch multiple LinkedIn and email outreach campaigns. After launch, it also helps to track the performance by subscription status, account health and custom tag from one dashboard.

To automate the outreach, the platform easily create message sequences from a  library of high-converting templates. Bypass LinkedIn networking limits to 200 messages to LinkedIn groups and event attendees.

Also, schedule and gradually increase message frequency to avoid getting flagged and keep automated messages which gives human feeling. Meanwhile by using AI, this platform uses data to draft connection requests to the leads like a real person.

SalesRobot upgrades the sales funnel by automating personalized outreach campaigns to generate quality leads across LinkedIn and email.

Features of SalesRobot

  • 100 profile outreaches from LinkedIn event per user
  • 200 profile outreaches from LinkedIn group per user
  • 5 AI personalized connection requests per day per user
  • Free emails and phone numbers for prospects
  • 30 profile outreaches from likes and comments per user
  • Action, location and prospect insights dashboard
  • mini CRM, smart inbox and auto follow-ups

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SalesRobot Pricing

The actual cost of automation tool SalesRobot is $1,188 but in appsumo offers for just $69 for lifetime deal. So, get this tool SalesRobot to make better connections.

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