Appsumo Interacty Lifetime Deal for $69: Black Friday Deals 2022

Appsumo Interacty Review & Price:  Marketers and salespeople spend countless hours creating content that they hope will engage their audience and generate leads. Unfortunately, creating content that engages an audience and captures leads is easier said than done. Luckily, there is a tool called Interacty that makes creating interactive content a breeze, allowing marketers and salespeople to create gamified content that captures leads and boosts engagement. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Interacty works and what types of content you can create with it.

Interacty was a marketing platform that allowed companies to build interactive content, content gamification, and lead generation. It was one of the first platforms of its kind, and it helped companies take their businesses to the next level. This tool is now available in Appsumo Black Friday deal for $69.

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Appsumo Interacty
Appsumo Interacty

Interacty will help you create interactive content to supercharge engagement and collect more leads. Interacty is packed with easy-to-use templates that let you build classic games like puzzles, trivia, and hidden objects. You can also design quizzes and slideshows, or mix things up with interactive horoscopes and personality tests to engage even more users.

Interacty Features

  • Branded content and interactive games, contests, and quizzes are effective ways to generate more brand awareness. Using simple templates, you can transform branded content into interactive experiences.
  • Integrate lead forms into gamified content and connect your CRM for seamless data collection
  • White label

Interacty suits best for Content creators, Course creators and Marketing agencies. This will be the best alternative tool to Apester, Interact and Kahoot. It can be integrated with Google, Mailchimp and Webhooks.

Interacty offers a simple, but smart solution for creating interactive content. The drag and drop interface makes it incredibly easy to add interactive elements like images, text, and YouTube videos to your interactive content. You can even insert your company logo to increase brand awareness and increase your conversion rates.

Interacty has features that allow you to set up lead forms directly in your games, so collecting customer information is a seamless part of the experience. You can view stats on each game and download lead lists with just one click, keeping track of everything right from the dashboard. Plus, integrations with marketing tools like Mailchimp allow you to send leads to your existing CRM so contacting leads is easier than ever.

Buy AppSumo Interacty Lifetime Deal for $69!

A game template gallery is a fantastic way to provide users with ideas to create games. All the templates work across desktop, tablet, and mobile so your visitors can enjoy the gameplay on the go! Plus, you’ll be able to invite your colleagues to collaborate on individual projects to create unique workspaces that can get a lot more done.

Interacty Pricing

Interacty allows you to design interactive games, quizzes, and slideshows. These interactive features provide users with a fun and engaging experience, which translates into more leads.  The actual price of Interacty is $168.00, but AppSumo offers it in a deal for a low price of $69. That is a quite a big saving. The investment is very profitable for app marketers.


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