Appsumo Fraud Blocker Lifetime deal for $49

Fraud Blocker, a platform detects some of the most popular and sophisticated fraudulent clicks from Bots, click farms and competitors to drain your ad budget. This industry leading service is able to detect fraudulent ad clicks to your website and block them from displaying in real-time.

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Types of Click Fraud

There are some of the fraudulent clicks are

  • Bots
  • Click Farms
  • Competitors
  • Malicious Publisher
  • Accidental Clicks
  • Vengeful Customers

Features in all plans

And to protect from these fraud clicks, the platform has some advanced features such as

  1. Click Analysis and Scoring
  2. fraud blocker
Customizable blocking rules
  3. Real time email alerts
  4. Automated reporting
  5. Exportable IP address
  6. Automated Blocking
  7. Flexible Team Access
  8. Optimize and Spend across Campaign
  9. 24/7 Fraud Monitoring

How it works

  • Install fraud detection pixel on your website
  • Connect Google Ads account with one click
  • Analyze your web traffic for fraud
  • Prevent ads from displaying on fraudulent sources

Fraud Blocker

Pricing Details

The platform Fraud Blocker which can be easily installed virtually on any website in less than 5 minutes. Appsumo offers this tool for only $49 for lifetime deal. The original cost of this tool is $396. So lets get this tool and gain the features of this software.

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