Appsumo Flowlu Lifetime Deal for $79

Appsumo Flowlu Review & Price: Are you looking for a way to streamline and organize your business processes? Are you in need of a comprehensive project and customer management platform to unify your operations? If so, then Flowlu is the perfect solution for you! Flowlu is a powerful platform that can revolutionize the way you manage your business, allowing you to maximize efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of Flowlu and why it is relevant to you. We will also explore the features and benefits of Flowlu, as well as how it can help you achieve success. So, let’s dive in and discover why Flowlu is the ideal platform for unifying your business processes.

Buy AppSumo Flowlu Lifetime Deal for $79!

Appsumo Flowlu
Appsumo Flowlu

Flowlu is an intuitive platform that offers project management, a CRM, invoicing, and more. Its intuitive interface and automatic updates will help you and your team stay on top of your project management, customer relationships, and sales. This tool is now available in appsumo deal for $79.

Flowlu Features

Flowlu is an all-in-one platform that provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your projects, clients, and team. It’s great for billing your clients and invoices, keeping track of your projects, and communicating with your team and your clients. The main features of the tool Flowlu include

  • Easily create invoices, automate billing, track revenue, and optimize expenses
  • Manage projects, track workloads, and prioritize tasks, plus access a CRM to handle sales funnels
  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label

This tool Flowlu suits best for Marketers, Project managers and Small businesses. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to Bitrix24. This tool can easily be integrated with Jira, Mailchimp, Pabbly Connect, Slack and Stripe.

Flowlu is project management software that makes the project management process more efficient. You can easily use Flowlu to view project progress, key milestones, deadlines, budgets, and even time estimates for tasks. Use project workflows to create similar projects with predefined activities and sequences. Then forecast project revenue before comparing them to the final budget results.

Flowlu allows you to not only store your files, but convert them to tasks. You can even create recurring tasks at specific intervals like weekly reports. The Kanban board allows you to prioritize tasks and find out what needs to get done at a glance, with due dates attached to the cards. Flowlu has a variety of options for optimizing your processes. You can measure how much time your team spends on each task, and you can even add collaborators to each task. This makes collaboration so much easier.

Flowlu’s built-in CRM lets you easily track and manage all your sales funnels from one place. You can manage new sales opportunities and funnels, as well as track customer interactions and email communications. The built-in CRM makes it easy to design flows that set follow-up tasks, create projects, and send emails. It lets you automate processes like follow-up tasks and emails to save time!

Invoices are an essential part of any business, and you now have the ability to craft professional invoices and estimates in seconds, so you always get paid on time. With the Flowlu invoice software, you can customize your invoices with your logo, change the layout, or apply a specific color scheme. You can also add taxes, discounts, and shipping charges to single-line items or invoice totals to make your life even easier!

Buy AppSumo Flowlu Lifetime Deal for $79!

Flowlu’s knowledge base solution is a great way to help your teams access important information from a central hub. Flowlu’s knowledge base solution helps you store and manage any type of data from one place. This helps your teams avoid confusion and save time. Flowlu’s knowledge base can help you create custom domains and email domains for notifications, invoices, estimates, and user invitations to account.

Flowlu’s client portal makes it easy to seamlessly share information with your clients, freelancers, contractors, or anyone outside your company. You can invite external users to the portal via email or a link, using flexible permissions to make sure clients are only able to view the data and fields you appoint. Flowlu’s client portal lets you use your own custom domain, so it looks professional and feels familiar.

Flowlu Pricing

Thus, Flowlu has all of your project management, kanban boards, CRM, and invoicing needs covered! This all-in-one program features all of the tools you need in one streamlined space. The price for Flowlu is $708.00. However, AppSumo is offering the tool for $79 which will only be available to AppSumo users for a limited time.


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