Appsumo Black Friday Deals 2022 – Digital First AI Lifetime Deal for $59

Appsumo Digital First AI Review & Price: Digital First AI is a powerful marketing tool that can help you grow your business. Digital First AI can automate your digital marketing efforts, so you don’t have to worry about completing mundane tasks such as posting on social media. It can also analyze data, such as your Google Analytics, so you can figure out which of your marketing efforts are performing best.

Every Black Friday season, Appsumo release many products, tools, softwares and courses in deal for Black Friday. So entrepreneurs, budding business man and any small or big organisation can make use of the deal that helps to develop their business. For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, it is the best season to buy their desired tools and softwares for developing and promoting their business to next level.

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Appsumo Digital First AI
Appsumo Digital First AI

Digital First AI is a tool that helps you execute proven marketing tactics to improve your sales and reach new audiences. This tool makes funnel creation and implementation a breeze, so you can get more sales with less effort.  Digital First AI is a content generation tool that allows you to build a personalized digital marketing funnel based on your current revenue model. This tool will suggest multiple tactics that will produce results for your business.

Digital First AI Features

  • Marketing can be a complex topic, and you may not know where to start. Answer a few simple questions about your business and instantly receive recommended marketing tactics that fit your goals!
  • Optimize strategy with customizable user funnels that link your tactics, then fill your campaigns with AI-generated content
  • AI

Digital First AI suits best for Best for Marketers, Marketing agencies and Solopreneurs. This will be the best alternative tool to ClickFunnels

Digital First AI uses a three-part onboarding process. First, it learns about your business and your target audience, then it uses that information to recommend an effective digital marketing strategy for your business, and finally, you’ll work with Digital First AI to implement the recommendations that work best for your business!

One of the best things about Funnels is how easy it is to customize. You can include tactics from Digital First AI’s library of hundreds of marketing ideas. These ideas can be filtered by category, so you can experiment with techniques to optimize your efforts and see what delivers results. You can try everything from introducing your brand to new channels to targeting new markets.

Now that you understand how to create a funnel, the next step is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate your marketing strategy. Digital First AI’s algorithms will leverage the power of AI to generate compelling copy for your marketing campaigns across platforms.

Buy AppSumo Digital First AI Lifetime Deal for $59!

Funnels are a great tool for marketing professionals, and with Share Funnels, you’ll be able to share your funnels with your team. You can share funnels through emails, meaning any member of your team will be able to view and manage them. This makes them the perfect tool for marketing teams.

Digital First AI Pricing

Digital First AI can help you reach your goals through personalized tactics that are tuned to your goals, and AI-generated campaign assets. With Digital First AI, you can focus on your business and not have to worry about setting up or optimizing your campaign.  The cost of the Digital First AI software will be about $708.00, but thanks to AppSumo, you’ll be able to get it at an amazingly low price of $59! This will provide a discount on the already-low cost of this software!

Digital First AI Review

  • This is a great tool for creating digital marketing strategies. It’s very intuitive and easy to use too, which is great! The library of strategies is also amazing, giving more insights into how other marketers have set up their strategies.
  • DigitalFirst.AI’s SaaS marketing funnel tactics tool allows you and your team to collaborate, share, and test marketing tactics with ease. This tool allows you to manage your strategy, collaborate with your team on projects, and collaborate with your clients on campaigns.
  • Digitalfirst is a great resource for anyone who is looking for creative and content ideas. This tool is perfect for getting new ideas for marketing funnels, and you can also use the library for inspiration!


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