AppSumo Deals: Best Lifetime Deals May 2019


AppSumo Deals: AppSumo offers Super awesome deals every month. This so-called vacation month May, it has a great deal with many software. AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

The last week of May has many AppSumo deals. The list of new deals includes Weblium, StatsGlitch, Modula, ShortPixel, AudioHero, tubics, Datagram,, PubiBox, Fleeq, InVideo, BirdSeed, Reboo, Dubb, Stock unlimited, FunnelDah, Draaftium, fulfilli, Passcamp and Slideshop.  The best part about the deals on AppSumo is that you get lifetime access to the products.

Get Useful software from AppSumo Lifetime Deals

AppSumo Deals

AppSumo Deals

  1. AudioHero

AudioHero Brings your content to life with 250K+ premium music tracks and sound effects. It Unlocks an audio gold mine of 250,000+ royalty-free music and sound effects. It Picks the right tune with a simple search or an audio-based search. Thus it suits best for Content creators and marketers looking to add high-quality sounds without paying a ton of fees.

Get AudioHero Lifetime Deal for $39!

2. Modula

AppSumo Modula

One can create a smart online gallery creator for the best viewing experience by using Modula. It Optimizes your images and kisses slow-loading galleries goodbye. It Adds filters to your images for better organization and easily mixes video into your galleries. This tool works best for Artists, photographers, and other creative professionals with masterpieces to show off.

Buy AppSumo Modula Lifetime Deal for $39!

3. Fleeq

One can Create shareable videos in minutes with Fleeq. Fleeq Uses screenshots, videos, or presentations; add descriptions, and get live interactive videos in minutes. It Customizes with your brand, logo, domain, language, interactive chat, feedback, call to actions, and more. This tool suits best for Anyone who needs to quickly create and update explainer or training videos, with no prior video knowledge.

Click Here to Buy AppSumo Fleeq for $99!

4. Datagran

AppSumo Datagran

Datagran Reach blissful harmony between your data and your operations with an all-in-one AI data workspace. It Simplifies your business growth with a workspace that lets you integrate, deduplicate with ML, and analyze data. It Gains insights and tests out your paid and organic campaigns with deep learning.

Get AppSumo Datagan 2 year access for $49!

5. PubIBox

PubIBox is A smart, all-in-one social media management tool. It Schedules automated social media posts in advance and designs unique cross-platform strategies with ease. It also Creates amazing graphics from a library of templates. Thus this tool suits best for businesses seeking a convenient way to cover all their social media marketing in one place.

Buy AppSumo PubIBox Lifetime access for $49!

6. ShortPixel

AppSumo ShortPixel

One can Improve load times and SEO rankings by compressing images with ShortPixel. Let the Image Optimizer plug-in automatically compress current and past images by this tool. This tool will make use for Site owners and agencies helping clients cut down site load time and improve rankings.

Click Here to Buy AppSumo ShortPixel for $39!

7. tubics

Unlock your YouTube SEO and watch the views soar using tubics. Tubics Analyze the SEO performance of your YouTube channel and every single video. It also helps to Increase views with keyword suggestions and custom task recommendations for tags, titles, descriptions, and more! Thus it is best for Brands and businesses that want their content to actually be seen.

Get AppSumo tubics Lifetime Deal for $39!

8. Dubb

Just press play for better communication with Dubb’s powerful video platform. It Creates camera-only videos, screen recordings, and pre-recorded videos in a jiffy with no tech skills required. It helps to Get detailed tracking on your videos to measure conversions and success. Anyone looking to share engaging videos whenever however can use this tool.

Buy AppSumo Dubb Lifetime Deal for $59!

9. StatsGlitch

AppSumo StatsGlitch

Stay in the loop on your Google Analytics data with instant alerts using StatsGlitch. It Measures weekly performance with Weekly Overview Reports that help monitor major metrics and are ready to send to clients. SMEs looking to monitor traffic and improve KPIs without being glued to Google Analytics can use this tool.

Click Here to Buy AppSumo StatsGlitch for $49!

10. Reboo

AppSumo Reboo

Give your website a facelift in just a few clicks with Reboo. It Quickly edits any web page and improves mobile responsiveness without having to write a single line of code. It also Adds animations, clicks actions, and filters to any element. Non-techies who want to easily edit websites can use this tool.

Buy AppSumo Reboo Lifetime Deal for $49!

Grab your favorites deals of this month April 2019 in AppSumo Deals. And Get your Business easy and establish it.


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