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Appsumo ContractHub Review & Price: Drafting, sending, and keeping track of contracts can be a demanding task for small businesses. Appsumo ContractHub offers an enterprise-level contract management platform that simplifies the entire process. In this review, we’ll compare ContractHub with competitive products in terms of features, quality, pricing, and reviews. We’ll also highlight the unique features and benefits of the ContractHub platform.

Features and Benefits of ContractHub:

ContractHub’s platform facilitates the creation, signing, and organization of e-documents. Users can upload and collect an unlimited number of e-signatures in one centralized place. The platform offers custom access permissions for team members and clients, and real-time document activity tracking across teams.

Buy AppSumo ContractHub Lifetime Deal for $39!

Appsumo ContractHub
Appsumo ContractHub

The platform allows users to create and send unlimited contracts to clients, contractors, or new employees and store confidential paperwork securely. The best part is the platform offers templates tailored to your company’s legal requirements that you can customize to create predefined terms. By drag-and-drop fields in your documents, you can collect the info you need in no time.

Comparison with DocuSign:

DocuSign is one of the most widely recognized e-signature platforms globally. However, it only offers limited features and is more expensive than ContractHub. With DocuSign, you have to buy a separate plan for contract management. You cannot replace templates and/or make modifications on the system or use custom workflows that ContractHub offers. ContractHub offers custom workflows, search and sort functionality, document management, and unlimited e-signature storage, making it an obvious choice compared to DocuSign.

Comparison with HelloSign:

Among ContractHub’s competitors, HelloSign is the more affordable option. With HelloSign, you can also create, send and sign unlimited documents, but the platform lacks robust features when compared to ContractHub. You can send documents for signature, templates, set up email reminders, and automate workflows on both platforms. However, HelloSign lacks custom team workflows, custom access permission function for members, advanced tracking and reporting, and unlimited document export that ContractHub has.

ContractHub Pricing:

ContractHub’s retail price is $600, while Appsumo offers it for $39. The lifetime access deal comes with all future small business plus plan updates. The platform offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing users ample time to test and evaluate the product.

ContractHub Reviews, Pros, and Cons:

Most reviews of the platform praise the user-friendly interface, accessibility to unlimited e-signatures, custom access control, and easy and secure storage of documents. Some potential drawbacks of the platform are limited document customization, exporting options could be more extensive, and no features for users to comment or upload additional files.

Buy AppSumo ContractHub Lifetime Deal for $39!

Thus, ContractHub offers a robust and user-friendly platform for small business owners to manage their contracts more efficiently. When compared to DocuSign and HelloSign, ContractHub offers more advanced features and a more affordable pricing plan for users. ContractHub’s lifetime access deal for only $39 on Appsumo makes the platform an excellent investment for small business owners.


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