Appsumo’s Chatbase Review: Should You Grab This Deal?

Appsumo Chatbase Review & Price: Chatbots have become an essential part of modern-day customer support and marketing, enabling businesses to handle multiple replies at once. But building a chatbot from scratch can be a hassle. Appsumo’s Chatbase aims to address this problem by providing an AI chatbot builder that can train and embed chatbots powered by ChATGPT. Here’s how Chatbase competes with other chatbot builders in terms of features, quality, pricing, and reviews.

Chatbase Features:

Appsumo Chatbase comes with a variety of features that make it a top player in the chatbot builder market. Firstly, it has White Label support, enabling businesses to customize chatbots to their brand’s personality. Secondly, it uses offline and online data to train the chatbot with files like PDFs, Word Documents, and Plain Texts.

Buy AppSumo Chatbase Lifetime Deal for $29!

Appsumo Chatbase
Appsumo Chatbase

Thirdly, users can customize the chatbot’s opening greeting and modify text bubbles to their liking. Finally, users can add frequently asked questions as suggested messages and monitor chatbot performance through an analytics dashboard.

Chatbase Benefits:

With Chatbase, businesses can create an intelligent chatbot that fits their brand’s personality in minutes. It can be used for customer support or marketing and is easily customizable to fit specific campaigns. Moreover, users can save time by training the chatbot using online and offline data instead of manually inputting responses.

Chatbase Quality:

Appsumo Chatbase’s performance depends on the quality of ChatGPT’s AI, and the feedback suggests that it is exceptional. The chatbot builder closely resembles a human response in terms of tone and language. The feature of crawling websites for answers and the analytics dashboard is also reliable and accurate. Additionally, the feature of adding suggested messages can solve user queries promptly.

Chatbase Pricing:

The price of Appsumo Chatbase is reasonable, with a $100 standard price and a $29 Appsumo price. The deal is a lifetime deal, including all future growth plan updates and API access, and users can upgrade or downgrade according to their needs.


Besides being powered with ChatGPT’s intelligence, Chatbase has a lifetime deal on Appsumo, making it an affordable option for small businesses. The integration with Zapier and unlimited website embeds is also a bonus.


One major issue with Chatbase is that one AI response with “the default” GPT-3.5 Turbo costs one message credit, leading to additional charges. Furthermore, there are no stacking codes, and users must activate their license within 60 days of purchase.

Buy AppSumo Chatbase Lifetime Deal for $29!

Appsumo Chatbase is a unique AI chatbot builder that provides users with the option to train chatbots offline and online and customize its features according to branding. It competes well in the market with its features and quality and has a lifetime Appsumo deal, making it pocket-friendly. With one minor issue of additional message credit charges, Chatbase seems to be an excellent addition to any business’s marketing and customer support options.


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