Agencyjoy Review: A Complete Sales CRM for Small Businesses and Marketers

Appsumo Agencyjoy Review &Price: Having a proper sales pipeline management tool is crucial for small businesses and marketers. The right tool can help them to streamline their sales processes, manage their leads, and boost their revenue. Agencyjoy is a powerful sales CRM that is designed specifically for small businesses and agencies. In this article, we will review Agencyjoy and compare it with other sales CRM tools available in the market.

Agencyjoy Features:

Agencyjoy has a range of features that make it stand out from its competitors. With Agencyjoy, you can create customizable lead forms, email sequences, and multiple sales pipelines. You can also sync it with your Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, or Outlook Calendar. Additionally, it comes with an AI email assistant that can help you to generate templates for your email sequences.

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Appsumo Agencyjoy
Appsumo Agencyjoy

Agencyjoy Quality:

The quality of Agencyjoy is excellent, and it is evident from the features it offers. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use. Moreover, the tool is GDPR-compliant, and it offers two-factor authentication and SAML-based SSO for secure access.

Agencyjoy Pricing:

The pricing of Agencyjoy is affordable compared to other CRM tools available in the market. You can get lifetime access to Agencyjoy for just $49, and it comes with all the features, including future updates.

Agencyjoy Reviews:

Most of the users who have used Agencyjoy are satisfied with its features and performance. They have praised its ease of use, customizable lead forms, and AI email assistant. However, some users have also mentioned that the tool lacks some advanced features, such as integration with social media platforms.

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– Customizable lead forms
– AI email assistant
– Affordable pricing


– Lack of some advanced features

Overall, Agencyjoy is an excellent CRM tool for small businesses and marketers who want to streamline their sales processes. It offers customizable lead forms, email sequences, and multiple sales pipelines at an affordable price. It is easy to use, GDPR-compliant, and comes with an AI email assistant. While it lacks some advanced features, it still provides an excellent value for money.


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