Ambrosus (AMB) Hiked 46.89% in Less than 24 Hours


Ambrosus (AMB): At the start of the day, the crypto market is down. But later the market raised and some new coins found to reach good heights today. Ambrosus which is referred as AMB is a new coin which began its trading in September 2017 and it is similar to Modum (MOD). Currently, it is in the developmental stage.

Ambrosus has started a good day by increasing 46.86% in its value. According to coin market cap, it is ranked in 141 positions. The current price of Ambrosus is $1.03 USD on January 23. After bloodbath in cryptocurrency market, the value of all coins declined and it is gradually increasing these days. In that way, Ambrosus has attained its previous value in short time.

Ambrosus (AMB)

Where to Buy Ambrosus (AMB)?

Ambrosus can be purchased and traded in the exchange sites such as Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC, and EtherDelta. The price of this coin can be followed on the link Ambrosus (AMB) Live Chart. Ambrosus coin is in the developmental stage and it is a good time to invest on it.

About Ambrosus (AMB)

Ambrosus resides in Switzerland and is an Ethereum based blockchain project designed to conquer supply chain issues. It seeks to redefine supply chain management while utilizing blockchain technology. The team will be manufacturing and build their own supply chain tags, tracers, and sensors. The team behind Ambrosus is quite extensive and rapidly getting larger. It is mainly working on sensors for quality assurance in food and pharmaceutical industries.

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