A beginner’s guide to Dragon Tiger

Have you heard of the card game Dragon Tiger? It is a game that originated in Cambodia and is played almost like baccarat. This game is easy to learn, so there’s no need to worry if it’s your first time playing it. Here are the rules of the game as well as some tips to help you win:

Objective and card values

The objective of Dragon Tiger is to correctly predict which between the Dragon or the Tiger will have a higher total. As for card values, the lowest card would be the Ace and the highest would be the royals: Jacks count as 11, Queens have a value of 12, and the Kings count as 13.

dragon tiger card game

The card values aren’t the only factors that differentiate Dragon Tiger from traditional baccarat. The highest total in Dragon Tiger is 26 (made up of two Kings) as opposed to 9 imposed in baccarat games you are used to playing. When you play Dragon Tiger, there won’t be any third card dealt for any small totals.

How a round of Dragon Tiger is played

A round of Dragon Tiger is slightly faster in pacing than baccarat because it uses five to eight standard decks. After you place your bet in either the Dragon or Tiger box, the dealer will hand down two cards for each of them. All of the cards will be revealed at the same time and the total will be calculated. If your bet has the higher total, you will be paid out 1:1. If you bet on a tie and it wins, the payout will be 11:1.

Side bets in Dragon Tiger

Just like in baccarat, Dragon Tiger also has a few side bets. Since the rules are slightly different in this game, you only have limited options:


The big/small bet can be applied to either Dragon or Tiger. For big bets, you predict that one of the cards dealt to either Dragon or Tiger will be 8 or higher. For small bets to win, one of the cards in either Dragon or Tiger should be 6 or lower. There is another possibility for big/small bets to lose other than not meeting the conditions, and that is when the card is a 7.


The odd/even bets just allow you to predict that one of the cards dealt in either Dragon or Tiger will be an odd number or an even number. However, just like in the big/small bet, 7 is not included in the odd bet. The only accepted odd bets aside from the Jack and King are 1, 3, 5, and 9.

Two red/two black

The red/black bets make you predict whether the Dragon or Tiger will have both of their cards red (hearts and/or diamonds) or black (spades and/or clubs). Even if this side bet doesn’t look at the value of the cards, 7s are still a losing condition. A smaller version of this side bet called one red/one black is also available in Dragon Tiger.

Is Dragon Tiger better than baccarat?

Dragon Tiger and baccarat are two similar card games when it comes to how they are played. However, there are some differences you have to know. First, the card values in Dragon Tiger go all the way to 13, with the Ace counted as 1. Baccarat, meanwhile, only has the royals valued at 10.

The second difference lies in the highest possible total. In Dragon Tiger, the maximum total you can have is 26 (two Kings) while in baccarat, it is 9. If you have a total higher than 9 in baccarat, only the last digit will count. Also, a third card may be dealt to you if you have a small total in baccarat.

If you want a quick-paced card game that’s easier to play, you can consider playing Dragon Tiger instead of baccarat. There are additional rules to remember when playing baccarat, making it more exciting for most high-rollers. You can assume Dragon Tiger is the more beginner-friendly version of baccarat. It just so happens that baccarat is more popular and has more live casino versions.

Tips to win in Dragon Tiger

Now that you know how Dragon Tiger is played, it’s time for you to learn some tips to win:

Avoid the tied bet

It is possible to bet on a tied result in Dragon Tiger. In fact, it is the main bet that pays the highest in the game if it wins. However, the chances of a tied bet happening in a round is only 7.4%. It would be wise to play safe and just bet on either the Dragon or Tiger to win.

Do not follow patterns

Some Dragon Tiger games display the most recent results in the bottom part of the screen. Several players believe this display helps guide players on what to bet on next. But just because one box wins more than the other doesn’t mean you should bet on it. You are technically free to do so, but Dragon Tiger is almost entirely based on chance rather than patterns.

Count the 7s

In Dragon Tiger, you might be tempted to make side bets to improve your chances of winning. However, you should know that 7s are actually losing cards in those side bets. It would benefit your gameplay if you count the number of 7s in a few rounds. After there have been enough 7s dealt, you can feel safe with your side bets.

Learn the Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is a betting tactic used in most card games that makes you double your next wager if you lose a round. At first, it might sound like a bad idea since you will lose more money from a losing streak. However, you will eventually recover what you have lost once you finally win.

Are you finally interested in playing this game? After learning the rules and some tips to win, you’d probably want to head to your favourite online casino and play Dragon Tiger. Time to unleash your inner beast and win in this card game.

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