9 Methods To Make A Gaming Intro Within Minutes In 2020

A few decades ago, the gaming industry was a lot different. While gaming has always had momentum, there was never a culture as large as it is today. Today both gaming and online streaming of games are the in-thing. They comprise a market of millions of users from all over the globe.

You already understand the high-quality benchmark you are trying to achieve if you are a gamer or a game-streamer. The world of gamers has a unique attention to detail and the innate love for storytelling. These two qualities make them a brand of fans like none-other.

In today’s world of advanced technology, there’s some handy video editor free download available on the internet. These allow you to make animation and video edits in no-time using simple drag-and-drop features. They are easy to learn and use, and a few minutes is all you need.

Keep in mind that your introduction should mostly cover three limbs. The first is the message. Ask yourself why you are making the intro; it introduces the brand, yourself, or the game. The intro acts like the engine that gives the viewer information about your product and your personality. The second thing to keep in mind is that it should be relevant. Do not make a montage of clips from PubG for a Fortnite streaming video.

Lastly, keep them short. These introductions are not a place for you to explore your filmmaking skills. They must be a maximum of ten seconds. Anything longer will make it repetitive, and a reason to skip or tune-out.

There are a few simple hacks you can use to ensure your video is the best in class. Use an online video editor or the one on your computer. All of these ideas can be executed fast and give superior packaging to your streaming.

Here are a few simple tricks that you can adapt to. Some of these might not work precisely for your brand, but they will surely spark some great ideas of your own.

1. Text Play

If you are looking for a small burst-animation, you can approach it with the minimal text design. These are simple to create, have a crisp messaging, and look attractive when coupled with a few good sound effects. These will take you very little time to make yet will make an ever-lasting impression. Animating text correctly is an underrated design quality.

2. Montage

If you are looking to show off your brand, there is no better way than a montage. This is a simple collection of some of the best moves you have recorded from your past games. Stitch them together, in a fast-cut edit, to get a memorable and heroic edit. You can also use a free gaming intro maker online to get this done faster.

4. Logo Animation

If you have a logo or a representation of your brand or yourself, blend them into a fast and crisp animation. This works in two ways. First, it is a short animation, so your viewers do not find the need to skip it, or are bothered by it. The second advantage is that it will reinforce the image of your brand in the minds of the audience.

5. Verbal Intro

This might seem like an unconventional approach to gaming intros, but they are effective. Just like in a news story, find a catchy opening line or a tagline, and write an introduction around that. Present it to the camera and concisely introduce your videos. This helps the audiences put a face to the gamer they follow.

6. Go Old-School

One of the innovative ideas to create video introductions is to misrepresent time and create a heroic old-school effect. This can be done by using a filter on your video that makes it look ancient or royal. One other approach is going to the old-school of gaming, which is the 8-bit, tile, and pixels look for your videos. All of these are memories a gamer will also keep a note of.

7. Boost Your Avatar

Every gamer has a distinct gamer-name and their avatar. Many players often do not like being known by their real names and faces and portray these avatars like their own representatives. You can make an animated video with your avatar with impactful sound-design and bold text animations. These look unique and create a lasting memory.

8. Keep It Game-Like

Most gamers online stick to just one niche or game. One great way to attract people to your videos is by making your brand all about this one game you are focusing on. Add elements of the game-play and the branding similar to the game in your videos. Let the viewers feel like they are associating with the game they love watching.

9. Satire Videos

This is an odd choice, but it is sure to give you some eyeballs. You can make a small video mocking the realities of the gamers, supported with energetic animations and sound effects. Humor is one of the most powerful tools you use to grab attention and make a lasting memory. A sketch-video around the theme of the game or many games is sure to make a lasting impression.

In Conclusion,

Understand your market and then make your introduction. Your intro mustn’t be a turn-off since that is the first thing any user will see about your work. Keep your research based on the audience’s age, the demographics, and gamer-needs.

Watch as many introductions from other gamers as you can get your hands on. The idea is not to copy or imitate them but to feel inspired. Your aim must be to do something very different from everything that you see. Watching is also one of the best ways to help jump-start your brain for new ideas.

Take your time and plan your animation or video before you get to the software. Write them down on a paper, or sketch out your ideas to better understand if they are do-able. The best way to get this job done faster is by knowing exactly what you want the end product to look like.

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