10 Facts About Power Consumption In The US And Its Contribution To Climate Change

Climate change is now a matter of global concern. One of the causes of climate change is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuels.

Since human activities are adversely affecting the environment, we need to be conscious of our energy usage.

Below are ten surprising facts about power consumption in the U.S. and its contribution to climate change.

Americans Consume Over 25% Of The World’s Energy

The amount of energy we consume is huge, considering that we account for about 5% of the world’s population.

This incredible energy usage includes the consumption of gas, coal, firewood, and other natural resources.

When burned, fossil fuels emit large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air.

These gases, as the name suggests, trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the global temperature to rise. There is already a 1°C increase in average global temperature.

Excess global warming is responsible for sea-level rise, extreme weather patterns, loss of diversity, scarcity of food, and other economic problems for people worldwide.

However, eliminating the burning of fossil fuel can be a daunting task since our lives are hugely dependent on them.


Still, we should attempt to employ alternative sources of energy whenever possible such as plant-derived plastics, biodiesel, and wind power.

Another way to reduce our carbon footprint is by investing in companies practicing carbon capture and storage.

Energy Star Products Can Save You Money Quickly

Simply employing more energy-efficient home appliances can hugely cut your electric bills. Hence always go for highly-rated products under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.


Similarly, something as simple as weatherproofing the windows of a home can make your HVAC system more efficient. Such efforts should be employed at both your home and workplace.

Talking about saving money, why not choose Cirro Energy for Texas Electricity? Apart from offering various incentives and features, its rates are lower than local competitors.

Less Than 10% Of Americans Use Public Transportation

Another leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. is transportation. But this can be changed with little effort.

Some ways to curtail transportation fuel are moving closer to work, using mass transit, or opting for walking or cycling.  After the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has also gained a lot more traction.

Flights are also one of the major causes of global warming. They release greenhouse gases higher up in the atmosphere, the worst possible spot.

Hence, cutting down on long-distance travel and replacing flights with trains for short distances can help save the environment.

Heating And Cooling Account For 55% Of The Average American Utility Bill

We work hard to heat our homes during cold weather. But do you know that almost half the heat is lost through drafts or inefficient windows? If you’re tired of sky-high utility bills, a home energy audit is what you need.

A home energy auditor assesses your current energy consumption to identify where you’re losing the most energy.

The auditor then suggests methods to make your home more energy-efficient, thereby helping you reduce your utility bills.

Lighting Accounts For Almost 10% Of Home Utility Bills

This fact proves that turning off your light when not used can make a significant difference in your utility bills. If you are often forgetful about turning off lamps and outdoor lights, you can simply set them on a timer.

Also, switching to efficient lighting options like LED or CFL lights will save you money while also reducing the heat emitted by these light bulbs. They also last longer than conventional bulbs.

Home Electronics Also Use Energy While They Are Turned Off but Plugged In

Even if an electronic item is turned off, it still uses a small amount of energy if kept plugged in. This goes for your TV, blender, coffee grinder, PlayStation, hairdryer, charger, etc.

We usually keep these devices plugged even while not in use, and that’s costing us money.

An easy solution is plugging the above items into a power strip and simply turning the strip off when not in use. If you make this a habit, just like turning off the lights, you could save a lot of energy.

America Has Made Substantial Progress In Cutting Emission

This has been achieved by switching to natural gas from coal in electricity generation. Natural gas is a clear winner since it produces about half of the carbon dioxide as coal for the same amount of electricity.

However, reports show that severe weather conditions like a hurricane affect the supply of natural gas. And though natural gas is cleaner than coal, it still leaves a carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy Is Booming, But There’s Still A Long Way To Go

Wind and solar have now become the largest sources of new electricity generation in the U.S., as hardware and installation costs have continued to decline.

However, renewables still occupy only a tiny share of the overall energy mix. A full transition to clean energy may still take a while.

Coal Is Collapsing In America

American coal consumption reached a record low in 2019 as more and more electrical utilities switched to cheaper natural gas and renewables.

Research suggests that coal collapse has saved thousands of lives in the U.S. and cut greenhouse emissions by more than ten percent.

We Should Immediately Curb Fossil Fuel Use to Protect the Climate

With greenhouse gas emissions on the rise every day, scientists warn that we are running out of time to curb fossil fuel use.

So if we want to avoid devastating extreme weather or stop the sea level from rising further, we got to take action soon.

Do you want to contribute your bit towards energy conservation? If so, then always choose energy-efficient solutions for your home, such as WGL Energy Services.

Headquartered in Washington DC, WGL Services provides electricity, natural gas supply, renewable energy, and carbon reduction solutions in various U.S. states.


On the whole, climate change activists and scientists are spreading awareness about energy conservation and getting people to see outside of their own sphere.

While there is no one solution to saving the planet, being mindful of how we use electricity can certainly make a difference.

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