Happy Navratri 2017: Navaratri Best Wishes & Celebrate Durga Festival


Navratri 2017: Navratri is the multi-day festival which is celebrated in India every year in the Autumn season for nine days. It is celebrated differently in various states of India. It is mostly celebrated in order to worship divine feminine Devi (Durga). This festival is mostly celebrated on the month Ashvin in the Hindu Calendar and it falls in the month of September-October.

In the eastern and Northeastern states of India, the Navrathri festival is called Durga Puja, where the Hindu goddess Durga battles against demons of buffaloes and brought victoriously and restored Dharma. In the western states of India, the festival is called Rama Lila and Dusshera which celebrated the battle of Lord Rama against the demon king Ravana. In Southern states of India, it is celebrated for the victory of goddess Saraswathi. It seems that in all the states the theme is same as that of the God fought in the battle and won against the enemy. This is celebrated as the festival all over the country.

Happy Navratri 2017

Celebrations of this Navratri includes the decorations, enacting the story of the legend, songs, dance, and worship with idols and statues of the god. These nine days is the great cultural event, which includes the classical dance, folk dance as the public event and also the culture design. On the final day of this festival is called Dussehra or Vijayadhasami on which the statues are immersed in water bodies and destructing the evil works. Diwali, Hindu festival is celebrated after the twenty days of Vijayadhasami.

Navratri is the most celebrated festival in India which is celebrated by the people more enthusiasm. It is a nine-day festival. This year Navratri falls in the month September from 21st to 29th September 2017. This Navratri festival is also known as Sharad Navratri. In Southern parts of India, the three goddesses were worshipped for every three days of Navratri. Goddess Durga for the first three days, Goddess Lakshmi for the middle three days and the Goddess Saraswathi for the final three days. On the final day Vijayadhasami and Saraswathi puja, parents make admission to their kids to join in school as it is the very good day for study.

At the festival time, people celebrate the days with Puja at their home and temple. They also collect the toys and Statues of Lords and celebrate the Puja in Schools, Institutions, and offices. On the final day Vijayadhasami and Saraswathi puja, parents make admission to their kids to join in school as it is the very good day for study.

I wish all the people who celebrate Navratri a very happy Navarathri Days and enjoy the days as much as can possible with friends and relatives.


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