Earthquake of 4.5 Magnitude in Jammu & Kashmir


Jammu & Kashmir: A medium intensity earthquake of magnitude 4.5 hits today early morning in Jammu & Kashmir. It happened around 4:30 am. On Saturday evening, the earthquake ranging magnitude of 5.4 on the Ritcher Scale hits at Ladakh range.

Another earthquake on Thursday hits the Ladakh region which measures about 5.4 on the Ritcher scale. These earthquakes also felt in Kashmir valley. The earthquake has occurred near the India-China border in the Ladakh region. It is to note that within a week there occurs earthquake for three times in the same region.

Jammu Kashmir Earthquake

It was reported that there is no any injuries or destruction in the state so far. According to the National Seismology Centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the earthquake occurred at 4:28 am at a depth of 33 Km. There were no reports of loss of property or life of people.


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